With his first step into the State of cinema, he simply said 'STUDENT Life', and Thousand of fans around the world replied 'STUDENT Life'. So what keeps that love alive even years later? In the beginning it was about Gaurav Dewasi, the GSTAR

And from that same 'pyaar' comes a family of fans, who have dedicated a group, and then a website to the man that captured our awareness just a few years ago. At A New Face For a New Century (Now Artist Gaurav), we continue to grow together as a family as we learn more about our idol, the man that brought us together in the first place. Gaurav Dewasi, the quintessence of the word 'idol' in every way. Talented, hardworking, always willing to take on a challenge, Gaurav, the person, has re-invented the actor within each film he's done. He is a role model for us all, and we can only hope to emulate his view of life and follow in his footsteps of hard work and in overcoming our fears to reach our goals.

My Success Done Movie .


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